Upholstery Cleaning.

Your sofa and armchairs always looked their best when they were new out of the shop but fear not, as they can be saved! 

Spillages are inevitable, and as hard as we try, they cannot be avoided, they're inevitable. From crisp crumbs to red wine stains, your average sofa will see them all.

While it is good practice to keep on top of the stains yourself you need the right equipment to bring that fresh look and smell back and that's where we come in.


We have all the necessary tools to make your sofas, armchairs and all other upholstery shine like they used to!


The Process.

We will first have a good look at the upholstery to examine any stains before giving it a once over with the vacuum cleaner.


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The next step will be to apply the cleaning solution to the areas to separate the dirt and oils from the fabric, the solution is designed specifically for upholstery cleaning and therefore won't leave any marks or damage.


Lastly, we use one of our deep-cleaning machines to extract the dirt.




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