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We will clean all your carpets, carpet tiles, rugs and mats island-wide.

Many people enjoy the comfort and warmth that a carpet can bring to the home. They are also often used as more of a decorative piece that can bring colour to a room but unfortunately they also have their downfalls, the biggest one being cleaning 'em.

Our expertise and know-how on everything carpet cleaning qualifies us to restore your carpets back to their original state. 

Tackling carpet stains yourself is always beneficial if you use the correct cleaning solution. Unfortunately, many people end up damaging their carpets while trying to clean them as they tend to use harsh bleach products to attempt to remove the stains. This is turn can severely discolour the carpet, often more distinguishable than the stain!

Although cleaning by hand may remove a few stains it's not an efficient way of cleaning the whole carpet. Give us a call so we can do the hard work for you.


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